1. Copy Editing ($45/hour)

Copy editing provides effective line-by-line attention to the grammatical aspects of your writing. Specifically, copy editing will look for and correct the following common issues in writing:

  • Sentence fragments / run-on sentences
  • Subject–verb agreement
  • Use of punctuation (e.g., periods, semi-colons, colons, apostrophes, quotation marks, parentheses, ellipses, em-dashes, etc.)
  • Parallel construction
  • Consistent tense
  • Spelling
  • Nonstandard phrasing
  • Use of passive vs. active voice
  • Ambiguous pronouns / pronoun–antecedent agreement
2. Technical Editing ($45/hour)

Technical editing focuses on the mechanics of format and style. It gives detailed attention to the requirements of professional publication manuals. Technical review is available for formats including the American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA), and the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS). Technical edits will ensure that your paper is publication-ready and includes attention to:

  • Reference list editing and checking
  • In-text citation formatting
  • Citation matching
  • Review of footnotes and endnotes if required by style
  • Heading and sub-heading formatting
  • Layout editing (e.g., cover page, pagination, margins, and chapter titles)
  • Tables and figures
  • Table of Contents
  • Style editing (e.g., formatting of numbers / data, sentence casing, quotation formatting, lists, style-specific punctuation usage, etc.)
3. Copy Editing + Technical Editing ($55/hour)

This option combines all of the services offered under copy editing and technical editing. By combining copy editing and technical editing you will ensure that your paper, book, or dissertation receives the highest level of attention possible, both in terms of technical precision and grammatical quality. This option is ideal for writers who anticipate publishing or presenting their material in a professional forum or who must conform to the detailed rules set by a particular style guide.

4. Substantive Editing ($65/hour)

Substantive editing centers the relationship between content and structure by reviewing both intensively. The structure of paragraphs, sections, and chapters are all reviewed to ensure the coherency of the work. Particular attention is paid to paragraph development and the effective transition of ideas. With substantive editing the content of the document is also engaged at a theoretical level, and this may include suggestions for re-writing, re-organizing, or adding new material. Together we evaluate and minimize unnecessary jargon and aim to clarify the use of inexact language to express complex ideas. Substantive editing ensures that your work is both technically accurate and conceptually compelling. Copy editing and technical editing are also included.